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When it comes to off-grid living, one of the number one skills of survival that you need is learning how to start a fire in wet weather. You may be prepping for supper or just getting chilly, but it is imperative to master this skill.

First off, you will need to collect your tools. The tools that you will be required to carry are a knife, a folding saw, and a small hatchet. You can start by gathering your wood as normal. Only collect wood that is not damp and moldy.

Next, saw the wood into sections about a foot long. You can also use the hatchet to split up the kindling. Make sure that you do a precise job and don’t hurt yourself in the process.

You will be using the knife to shave your tinder. Cut them off in sections no thinker than a centimeter. Build the fire with the wood at the base, then the kindling over it, like a grid. Spread in your tinder throughout the center. Now, put more tinder on the fire in the opposite direction.

Now you will take out supplies you brought from home that are fire starters. These are imperative to the process and if you don’t have them, your fire probably won’t start.

Good fire starters are cotton balls dipped in Vaseline and flattened milk cartons. You should not bother with newspapers because they will just get wet when you touch them to any wood.

Now, light your firestarters under the kindling. Once you have a bit of a flame, you can add more of the kindlings as they will be the dryest part of the fire. The fire might wane and wave a bit, but you should be able to get a good blaze going.

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