12 must-have survival tools.

12 must-have survival tools.
  1. Knife, a good knife is probably going to be the most important tool in your tool box. Its uses are too long to list, from cutting meat to building shelter.
  2. Shovel, another important tool every homeowner and survivalist should have.   Have you ever tried to dig a hole with a piece of drift wood? it can give you a whole new appreciation for a shovel if you have.
  3. Axe, good for cutting firewood to heat your home or shelter.
  4. Hatchet, can be used to drive nails or stakes and is smaller and more compact then an axe.
  5. Wire saw, good for cutting tree branches for shelter and takes no room to store.
  6. Crosscut saw, good for cutting lumber for doing home repairs when no power is available.
  7. Gun, a gun is very much a tool, used to obtain food and for self defence.
  8. Flashlight, lantern, emergency candles.
  9. Knife sharpener.
  10. Butane lighter, lighter and fluid, waterproof matches, magnifying glass.
  11. Can opener, cast iron pan, stainless steel cooking pot.
  12. Sewing kit, first aid supplies.

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