14 Items You Need in Your Bug-Out Bag

  1. Knife, a good rugged knife with a good grip that will stand up to some heavy use.
  2. Paracord, many uses for paracord a must have definately.
  3. Bottled water, DO NOT toss the bottle once you have used the water, the container can be used for other things.
  4. Paper clips, paper clips take up no room to store and are handy to have, a wide variety of uses.
  5. Zip lock baggies, good for keeping things dry and can be used to gather edibles such as berries and what not.
  6. Tarp, tarps are another multipurpose item but your primary use will be for shelter.
  7. Zip ties, cheap and have a wide variety of uses.
  8. Glow sticks, cheap and very useful.
  9. Duct tape, too many uses to list a must have for any prepper.
  10. Mylar blankets, take no room to store and have many uses.
  11. Sewing kit, easy to store and numerous uses.
  12. Folding shovel, have you ever tried to dig a hole with a piece of drift wood?
  13. Blankets and sleeping bags.
  14. Life boat matches, butane lighters, flint and steel, fire piston, candles, cotton balls soaked in vasoline, candles.

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