6 Personal Hygiene Tips for When the City Water Service is Down

1.Use minimal amounts of water, have some water stored in 5 gallon buckets and use it very sparingly while taking sponge baths.

2.Hand sanitizer, this stuff provides a way of cleaning your hands without the use of water.

3.Keep your hands clean as much as possible, most germs are transmitted by way of your hands, get into the habit of washing your hands especially if your doing any activities that include touching your face such as eating.

4.Dig an outhouse, without water your toilet isnt going to be of much use. Dig a hole outside at least 100 feet away from any known water source and build a housing over it, dig it deep so it will last while before having to dig another hole.

5.Trim your nails, trim your finger and toenails regularly and keep your hands clean.

6. Wear deodorant, to control sweating, try to find a natural aluminum-free deodorant.


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