8 Unusual Weapons for Home Defense

8 Unusual Weapons for Home Defense
  1. Yellow jacket spray,  good because its designed to use for a distance so your attacker doesnt have to be right on you.
  2. Flare gun, usually orange in color so paint it black to make it look more like the real thing.
  3. Dogs, dogs are fast and strong, enough said.
  4. Caltrops, a four pointed star, no matter how it falls theres always an end pointed up.
  5. Knives, there are classes specifically for self defence regarding knives.
  6. Stun guns, loud and attention grabbing, often just the sound and sight is enough to scare off a would be attacker.
  7. Pepper spray, be careful not to get any on yourself  its real nasty stuff.
  8. Guns…..

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