9 Natural Shelters to Look for in a Bug-Out

9 Natural Shelters to Look for in a Bug-Out

When it comes to bugging out, you will be looking for places to stay dry. This applies if you’re on a camping trip or you do off-grid living without a vehicle. Survival is imperative in times like these. Aside from the prepping you already did with your bug out kit, you will need to be exploring to find natural shelters when you carry out your evacuation plan.


The most obvious structure to look out for is a cave. A cave isĀ Mother Nature’s way of helping you stay dry and warmer from the elements. Be careful when you approach though, because animals may find that it’s their safe haven too.

Fallen Trees

Dead and tipped over trees make a great place to hang your tarp over. Any good survivalist will have one of these in their bug out kit.

Living Trees

Trees with a lot of leaf cover, such as a weeping willow, can be especially nice to keep you dry. You will enjoy the protection that is naturally there from a very leafy tree.

Abandoned Sheds or Homes

While these might not make the greatest reno project, they are awesome in a time of need. You simply discover it and then rest your laurels. It’s a great way to find some shelter in something that is otherwise uninhabitable.

Undercut Banks

This naturally protective enclave will be a wonderful place to camp out for the night. It’s even better if you can hang a tarp on some of the roots and attach it with clips or a rope.


Bugging out is easier when you can look for natural structures to protect you along the way. Sometimes an abandoned home is as old as the land, and that’s why I’ve included it in this category.


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