9 Ways to Cook When the Grid Goes Down

9 Ways to Cook When the Grid Goes Down
  1. Wood burning stove, with an old timey stove you can cook, bake and do all you need with wood or coal to burn.
  2. Fireplace, use good wood for best results. cook like you would on a campfire, use grates to put a frying pan on or wrap fools in foil and throw them directly in the fire.
  3. Gas stove, you can go with natural gas or propane.
  4. Kerosene heaters, the tops of these heaters get hot enough to cook all kinds of canned foods and also heat water for a sponge bath.
  5. Sterno stoves, these run off a gel that wont spill but will burn for hours. They are good for heating water or cooking items on a frying pan.   They make a folding stove that works perfect for a can of sterno.
  6. Grill  or BBQ, when the gas runs out you can burn wood or coal.
  7. Butane stove,  small and compact but run off butane which can be expensive.
  8. Camp stove, run off bottled gas and can be expensive over time. DO NOT operate these indoors.
  9. Solar oven, these only work when the sun is shining, for obvious reasons.

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