Should you bug out or stay in?

Should you bug out or stay in?

First of all, any good survivalist must know the lingo of off-grid living. Basically, bugging out is when you use your bug out bag to evacuate from a disaster. It usually has about 72 hours of all the gear that you will need to live off of. When if comes to prepping, you should plan your bag accordingly. However, your survival does not have to depend on it when you could be staying in.

Deciding whether to ride out a tragedy or not is a difficult decision. If it’s something related to your solar power, you could easily stay in and get it resolved. However, if you have been advised to evacuate the area due to a natural disaster like a fire or a flood, you need to obey the authorities. In this case, take your bug out bag and head out to wherever everyone else is going.

You will really have to make a judgment call if your generator goes out. You can use the backup generator but only for so long. You don’t want to be left completely without power. In this case, you should gauge if you will be able to make it to a store the next day. If it’s a time where you won’t be able to, then maybe you will need to evacuate for a while.

No one likes to leave their home. However, we all get into situations that are classified as emergencies. These might be health-related as well. If someone in your household needs medical treatment, then bugging out is really the only option. Don’t be so keen on babysitting your house that you neglect yourself or others.

Another example of a time to bug out could be if you need to help your parents. Your parents might need to change their living situation to assisted living. During this time, they would appreciate your support. No matter what your relationship with your parents, getting them into a viable living situation is still the responsibility of the child.

At the end of the day, you will be very grateful for your bug-out kit. It’s good to be prepared. You will be a step ahead too of people that don’t have any emergency evacuation prepping made.

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